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Lightbend and Mesosphere Drive Container 2.0 Era with Reactive Platform on DC/OS

Popular JVM development platform for Java and Scala developers helps Datacenter Operating System support fast, powerful applications

Lightbend and Mesosphere today announced that the Lightbend Reactive Platform is now fully integrated with both Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS (Datacenter Operating System) and the open source DC/OS distribution. Reactive Platform is the leading JVM application development platform for building Reactive systems, microservices and fast data applications. DC/OS is an open source technology, created by Mesosphere, that is built around Apache Mesos™ and offers the most reliable, scalable and easiest platform for running containers, stateful data systems and everything else that modern applications require.

The Lightbend Reactive Platform includes the open source Akka message-driven runtime, Play web framework, and Lagom microservice framework, as well as the Scala programming language, Apache Spark™ support, and a commercial Production Suite of advanced operational capabilities to accelerate digital transformation. Reactive Platform has become a core technology enabler for many enterprises modernizing applications to take advantage of advances in big data, including Walmart, Samsung, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Verizon and many more.

“The legacy architectures that most enterprises are running their businesses on simply don’t scale and don’t have the flexibility required to run the new class of powerful, distributed applications,” said Mark Brewer, CEO of Lightbend. “To maximize the benefits of a modern reactive application architecture, enterprises require a truly flexible infrastructure for the production deployment of these applications. Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS provides the only production proven and fully supported platform that elastically runs these sophisticated distributed systems at scale.”

“Enterprises embracing these new types of Container 2.0 applications need to connect their application logic with other systems—especially data-processing and analysis systems like Apache Spark—in order to ensure fast, flexible and intelligent applications ” said Florian Leibert, CEO and co-founder of Mesosphere. “We’re excited to merge Lightbend’s unrivaled experience with asynchronous application architectures and our experience vastly improving operations through the use of containers and advanced scheduling algorithms. Together, we’re supporting developers who are transforming their businesses with applications that engage billions of users.”

DC/OS and the Lightbend Reactive Platform are fully integrated, meaning developers can get started today writing next-generation applications using the entire platform or whichever components they choose. DC/OS users can also take advantage of the dozens of other distributed services available to install with a single click. These range from web servers and CI/CD systems to distributed databases, file systems and analytics tools.

A complete enterprise data stack

A popular combination for applications requiring real-time data access and processing—both on shared DC/OS clusters and on traditional siloed infrastructure—is Apache Spark, Apache Kafka™ and Apache Cassandra™. And, while the open source distributions are powerful, many businesses require the features and support that only the commercial software can provide.

This requirement helped drive Mesosphere’s partnership with Lightbend around Apache Spark support, which complements the availability of enterprise Kafka and Cassandra distributions on DC/OS. DC/OS runs all of these services—as well as containerized microservices and legacy enterprise applications—on a platform that can aggregate thousands of servers, VMs or cloud instances into shared infrastructure that looks to developers and operators like one big computer. Aside from making it easy to install and deploy distributed systems and containers, DC/OS also provides them with “Day 2” operational improvements such as high availability, easy scalability and zero-downtime updates.

Support for the Lightbend Reactive Platform components, including Apache Spark, is available now. The Lightbend Reactive Platform and DC/OS are both freely available as open source software. Commercial subscriptions for Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS and Lightbend Reactive Platform are available from Mesosphere and Lightbend directly.

“Lightbend is an important partner for Mesosphere, including work with joint customers such as Esri that demonstrate how the Reactive Platform, including Apache Spark, running on DC/OS can vastly improve the scale and performance of real-time data-driven applications,” said William Freiberg, COO, Mesosphere. “We are thrilled to continue strengthening our relationship with Lightbend to help enterprises get the support they need for the types of applications that will power their futures.”

To see the recent Lightbend-Mesosphere webinar, visit the page below!


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