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Running Fast Data Applications - Resilient Production Tools And One-Stop Support (15 Min Interview)

The Value Of One-Stop Vendor Support

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In this Lightbend Fast Data Platform interview for Operations teams, I sit down with Michael Nash, Director of Capabilities at Lightbend, to discuss the value of resilient production tooling, and the benefits of one-stop shop support for various technologies integrated with Fast Data Platform. This conversation focuses on:

  • Why is it difficult to maintain always-on, dynamic workloads without resilient tooling, as well as managing multiple support contracts with various vendors?
  • What new challenges (and risks) are presented by the significantly more complex streaming, Fast Data ecosystem?
  • How Lightbend Fast Data Platform can set your mind at ease by providing one-stop shop for support that covers Akka Streams, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Mesosphere DC/OS, Lightbend Reactive Platform and more.

Putting Names To Faces

If you'd prefer to put our names to some faces, you can also check out the video recording of the conversation!

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How To Get Started With Fast Data Platform

If you'd like to see a demo or to get started with our Fast Data Platform, simply contact us via this form, and we'll be in touch soon.



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