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Akka, the Leading Framework for Building Cloud-Native Applications, is Now Available as a Cloud Service on AWS

Same technology that powers cloud native applications at massive scale at Starbucks, Tesla and Verizon has been optimized for the world’s most popular public cloud.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—Lightbend today announced the introduction of its newest offering, Akka Cloud Platform. Available now on the AWS Marketplace, Akka Cloud Platform makes it simple for enterprise development teams to quickly build and deploy cloud-native microservices on AWS and easily integrate with other AWS and third-party services such as Kafka and Cassandra. Akka Cloud Platform opens the door to more businesses in pursuit of digital transformation initiatives such as IoT, real-time financial processes and modern e-commerce where massive scale, high resiliency and low latency are crucial to success.

Akka Cloud Platform is built on Lightbend’s powerful Akka Platform technology, the leading framework for building distributed applications, marking the availability of Akka for the first time on a cloud service marketplace. With more than 10 million downloads, Akka is the most used programming model for cloud native applications running on containers on Kubernetes. Enterprises such as Starbucks, Verizon, Tesla and PayPal use Akka to develop microservices based applications optimized for distributed cloud computing requirements of unlimited scale and infallible resiliency to power their most mission critical business applications.

“Akka gives developers the building blocks they need to develop cloud native applications without having to worry about the challenges of designing for a massively scalable environment,” said Jonas Bonér, the creator of Akka, and CTO at Lightbend. “Cloud native is about much more than just the infrastructure layer. It’s also about the application architecture that handles things like performance, intelligent scaling, service failure, and streaming data pipelines. Now any developer using AWS can easily leverage the same powerful distributed computing technology that powers many of the world’s most innovative companies.”

Akka Cloud Platform for AWS optimizes the capabilities of Akka into the AWS ecosystem, including improved deployment in Amazon EKS. Telemetry and observability provide advanced system monitoring and management and there are simple integration paths for relevant AWS services. Billing is managed through AWS. Akka Cloud Platform will be available on additional cloud service providers throughout the year.

Learn more about Akka Cloud Platform.

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