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Cloud Native Development Leader Lightbend’s Akka Cloud Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

The technology that powers cloud native applications at massive scale for the world’s most recognizable brands is now available on the Google Cloud Platform.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2021—Lightbend, the company providing cloud-native microservice frameworks for some of the world’s largest brands, today announced its Akka Cloud Platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. As a result, enterprise development teams leveraging Google Cloud Marketplace can take advantage of Akka Cloud Platform’s unique capabilities to quickly build and deploy cloud-native microservices that easily integrate with other services and third-party services, such as Kafka. By doing so, these enterprises can quickly tackle complex digital transformation initiatives such as IoT, real-time financial processes, and modern e-commerce while taking full advantage of the massive scale, high resiliency and low latency the cloud delivers.

Akka Cloud Platform is built on Lightbend’s powerful Akka Platform technology, a leading framework for building large-scale distributed applications. With more than 20 million downloads annually, Akka is one of the most used programming models for cloud-native applications running on containers on Kubernetes. A well-architected solution built on Akka Platform delivers some of the highest possible performance, scalability, and resilience with the lowest possible cloud costs. This is why enterprises such as Starbucks, Verizon, Tubi, and John Deere use Akka to develop microservices-based applications optimized for distributed cloud computing requirements of unlimited scale and infallible resiliency to power their most mission-critical business applications.

We are thrilled Akka Cloud Platform is now part of the Google Cloud Marketplace, says James Ward, developer advocate at Google Cloud. Akka Cloud Platform provides organizations optimized operations with Google Cloud’s market-leading services for helping solve businesses’ toughest challenges.

The release of Akka Cloud Platform on the Google Cloud Marketplace is another step forward in Lightbend’s goal of giving every developer the application architecture required to successfully implement their business’s digitally transformative strategies. By easily integrating those applications with relevant Google Cloud services, organizations gain the ability to fully leverage the powerful distributed computing technology of Google Cloud just like many of the world’s most innovative companies, said Brad Murdoch, EVP Strategy and Product at Lightbend.

Akka Cloud Platform for Google Cloud Marketplace optimizes the capabilities of Akka into the Google Cloud ecosystem, including improved deployment in the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Telemetry and observability provide advanced system monitoring and management and there are simple integration paths for relevant Google Cloud services. Billing is managed through the Google Cloud Marketplace. Lightbend will continue its release of Akka Cloud Platform on additional cloud service providers throughout 2021.

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