Announcing Akka 24.05: More Security. More Performance. More Efficiency. Watch the Webinar Replay

Lightbend Releases Akka 24.05 with a Focus on Security, Performance, and Edge Efficiency

SAN FRANCISCO, May 22, 2024Lightbend, inventors of the Akka distributed application platform, today announced version 24.05 of Akka that delivers new security, performance, and edge computing functionality.

“I’m thrilled to announce the Akka 24.05 release,” says Jonas Bonér, Founder and CTO. “It packs a bunch of exciting new features, including Zero Trust, much faster and more efficient cloud performance via new Database Sharding capabilities, support for GraalVM Native Image and Java 21, and an Akka Rust client for stretching Akka out to edge devices, including other enhancements for edge use cases.”

For version 24.05, there are three primary areas of enhancement:

  • Security and Compliance - Features and architecture support for Zero Trust enable building systems that more easily meet the requirements of SOC 2, ISO 27001, and the NIST SP 800 family of standards.
  • Performance - Database sharding overcomes common bottlenecks in high-throughput systems distributing data across multiple databases. Delivering near-infinite horizontal scale for database persistence.
  • Efficiency:
    • Edge Computing Capabilities - Support for building with the Rust language enables Akka services to deploy on edge devices with minimal footprint and compute requirements.
    • Compatibility for Java 21 - Streamlines coding, elevates performance and optimizes Akka APIs.

Akka 24.05 is available today. To learn more:

  • Register for the live webinar on May 29th Read the release blog

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