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Lightbend Contributor License Agreement - CLA

Thank you for your interest in contributing to a Lightbend project!

If you are contributing as an individual:

1) Confirm with your GitHub account, acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Individual CLA.

If you are contributing through your employer:

1) Bring to the attention of the appropriate legal authority within your employer and receive their agreement to the Corporate CLA.
2) Confirm with your GitHub account, acknowledging that your employer has read and agrees to the Corporate CLA.

* Alternatively, if you have a scanned, signed CLA form you can email it to

Why do we require a CLA?

The CLA is used to verify that you are aware of what it means to make your contribution available under the license of the rest of the project, and have made sure that you are legally allowed to make the contribution. This helps protect users of the project against malicious legal actions, and is a very common practice among larger Open Source projects: CLA's are also required by Eclipse, Apache, Python, and many other projects. Some projects (such as the FSF) also require you to sign away your copyright to the organisation. We do not go so far: we only require a copyright license to distribute your work as part of the project, we do not take over ownership of it.