Reactive Platform

In June 2017 IBM announced a collaborative development initiative with Lightbend, the provider of the world’s leading reactive application development platform, to help advance the development of cloud native cognitive solutions in the enterprise. Reactive Platform from IBM was introduced in August 2017 to provide Java and Scala developers the tools they need to easily build reactive—elastic, resilient, responsive, message-driven—applications for both on-premises and cloud environments.

Now IBM is making Reactive Platform Development Accelerator available, deepening our commitment to providing developers the tools and the resources they need to extend their capabilities and to transform their business and industry.

Free Edition

Reactive Platform Open Source Core is comprised of Akka, Play and Lagom, the key open source software projects underpinning the commercial product.


Development Accelerator Edition

Reactive Platform Development Accelerator gives developers access to tools, software and subject matter experts to speed development of reactive applications.


Enterprise Edition

Reactive Platform is a full function development platform and production run-time environment for reactive solutions on the JVM using Scala or Java.