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Esports Entertainment Group

Senior Software Engineer

Berlin, Malta, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Warsaw, Remote

Esports Entertainment Group is a licensed next generation online gambling company focused on esports. Utilizing our advanced wagering system, we offer esports fans and enthusiasts from around the world the ability to wager on all professional eSports events for real money in our licensed and secure environment. In addition, Esports Entertainment intends to offer users from around the world the ability to participate in multi-player mobile, console and PC video game tournaments online for cash prizes. We’re looking for someone who wants to be a key part of a rapidly growing operation, who wants to work primarily in Scala but also have the ability to select the right tool for the job, whether that’s Akka, Kafka, Flink, Kubernetes, Jenkins or whatever comes next. We don’t want another cog in our machine’s engine, we want someone to help us drive it.

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Cloud Imperium Games

Senior Microservices Engineer

Austin, Tx

The Senior Microservices Engineer will work on backend infrastructure services to assist with our release, development, and analytics pipelines. As a Senior Microservices engineer you should have a solid knowledge in domain driven design, microservices, event sourcing, containerization, and orchestration.

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Brighthouse Financial, Inc.

Lead Principal Software Engineer - VA ALM

Morristown, NJ, US

The Senior Principal Software Engineer is a key role in development of the variable and fixed annuity asset liability management (VA ALM) technology platform in Brighthouse Financial. This individual will play a leading role in the development, integration and implementation of the VA ALM future state platform, and be passionate about driving technical consensus within the Brighthouse and vendor teams and influence the key organizational stakeholders to meet the business objectives.

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Backend Trading Engineer

Singapore (remote option)

StashAway is a digital wealth management platform in South East Asia. We design personalised portfolios and monthly investment plans based on your unique characteristics, and manage your portfolio with highly advanced investment strategies. As a backend engineer in our investment squad you will be responsible for translating high-level business requirements for new products and features into the services and data models that power them. You will work to design, build, and support many of the core systems powering StashAway's financial software, from cash flow and transaction libraries to our financial computation engine. You like thinking critically about how to architect and build new components in a performant and scalable manner. We heavily utilize Lightbend's Lagom and Akka technology stacks.

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Senior Developer

Haverhill MA

Microshare is a 7-year-old company hitting a growth phase. We have an IoT platform, IoT vertical products for facilities management, and a novel technology to allow for real-time data sharing. We believe in balancing privacy and protections for individuals with the availability of real-world data to improve the efficiency of businesses and organizations. Looking for an engineer with strong scala and akka skills with interest in akka-streams, alpakka, and cloudflow. Experience with kubernetes, kafka, mongodb, spark are all strong pluses. Prefer local to Boston North, but have offices in Philadelphia and London. Remote would be considered.

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Tubi Tv

Senior Scala Engineer

San Francisco

We are looking for a Scala Engineer to work on building low-latency services; machine learning models, work on sophisticated algorithms for ad delivery pacing and forecasting, improve the way we deploy and operate our services and even contribute to open source projects.

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Software Engineer, Distributed Systems

Palo Alto, California

Want to work on IoT platforms that support Powerwall, Powerpack, Megapack, Tesla Solar, Solar Roof, Powerhub, Supercharger, Autobidder, Model S/3/X, and the Tesla App? Want to work with functional programming, streaming data, and distributed systems? Want to work with Scala, Akka, Reactive Streams, and Kubernetes? Tesla is looking for a Software Engineer to build the cloud services that power these products, driving the worldwide transition to sustainable energy.

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