Comprehensive monitoring for distributed apps

Building distributed, asynchronous applications requires a different approach to monitoring that goes beyond traditional techniques.

Our expert instrumentation understands flows, futures, streams, and traces to deliver the most comprehensive monitoring approach on the market for distributed applications built using Lightbend Reactive Platform.

Application Monitoring

and Capabilities

Understand flows and futures

Agent-based instrumentation monitors flows of data through the system, including Scala Futures, Java 8 Futures, and Akka Streams, and supplies rich information like source code locations.

Customize for relevance

Group Akka actors by package, class, actor subtree, or record metrics for individual actor instances and avoid flooding your system by configuring metrics to track only what is relevant.

Manage by exception

Out of the ordinary events for failures, unhandled messages, and dead letters are automatically recorded for monitored actors so you can quickly identify issues.

Configure for thresholds

Configure threshold notifications for load-related effects, SLAs, and extraordinary events to respond early to changes that could indicate performance bottlenecks.

Optimize utilization

Dispatchers, execution contexts, and thread pools are instrumented with a focus on determining how actors, futures, and streams are mapped on to the underlying resources to optimize utilization.

Trace the hottest paths

Gather metrics for hot paths within message flows that span multiple actors to ensure the most important aspects of the system are performing at their peak.

Integrate with existing solutions

Rather than introducing yet another pane of glass, our SPI-based approach enables data to be integrated with existing monitoring solutions.

Monitor microservices

Monitoring works with Lagom for seamless monitoring of microservice performance in production.