Comprehensive monitoring
for distributed apps

Building and running distributed, asynchronous, Reactive applications requires a new approach to monitoring that goes beyond traditional techniques.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring solution provides expert instrumentation, automated discovery, topology visualization and intelligent anomaly detection and correlations. This lets you quickly, easily and continually optimize the health, availability and performance of your Reactive applications.

Multi Service Event Correlation

and Capabilities

Expert instrumentation

Leverage expert instrumentation that exposes detailed metrics for data flows, exceptions and hot paths, and includes coverage for Akka, Lagom, Scala Futures, Java 8 Futures and Akka Streams.

Discover and visualize

Automatically discover, configure Reactive technology components for deep metric collection, services and dependencies. Auto generate real-time topology maps.

Optimize utilization

Dispatchers, execution contexts, and thread pools are instrumented with a focus on determining how actors, futures, and streams are mapped on to the underlying resources to optimize utilization.

Customize for relevance

Group Akka actors by package, class, actor subtree, or record metrics for individual actor instances and avoid flooding your system by configuring metrics to track only what is relevant.

Integrate with existing solutions

Integrate with your existing monitoring solution if required directly and easily, without any code changes, so you can still benefit from our expert instrumentation.

Configure for thresholds

Configure threshold notifications for load-related effects, SLAs, and extraordinary events to respond early to changes that could indicate performance bottlenecks.

Intelligently troubleshoot

Data-science driven anomaly detection and correlation, combined with a knowledge of failure propagation in complex systems for rapid root cause analysis.

Delight your users

Empower your dev, ops and DevOps teams to build and run their applications the right way, from day one, to provide a consistently high level of service and delight your users.