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Akka Anti-Patterns, Goodbye: Six Features of Akka 2.6

New Akka Features That Improve Developer Productivity

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Over the past decade, Akka has pioneered the field of Reactive Systems–systems that are elastic, resilient and message-driven so as to be at all times responsive to the users, no matter what. Companies like Disney+, Starbucks, and PayPal depend on these architectural principles to go hand-in-hand with those of cloud native application infrastructure like Kubernetes, which emphasize automation, resilience, and scalability in highly dynamic cloud-based environments.

While the classic Akka APIs have been used for building the foundation of many mission-critical systems across industries, they also contain shortcomings, or anti-patterns, that made building these systems challenging for new users. If you’ve ever worked with Akka Actors in the past, you may have experienced sending a message to an actor that doesn’t exist, for example. Well, no more.

With the release of Akka 2.6, however, this sort of mistake and many other shortcomings of the Classic Actor APIs have now been rendered impossible by design, allowing new users to more easily embrace Akka’s actor model. In this special guest webinar with Manuel Bernhardt, Akka expert and Reactive System Consultant, we go over:

  • Akka 2.6 release highlights - including the new Akka Actor APIs (aka Akka Typed), the new Artery transport which brings improved performance and stability to clustered systems, and a new default serialization mechanism based on Jackson.
  • Six anti-patterns that are now history - which anti-patterns in Akka Classic have been addressed by Akka 2.6 and how to make the best use of the new release
  • A final anti-pattern? - Manuel will explore what he thinks may be one of the last remaining anti-patterns when using Akka...not understanding your hardware.

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