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Akka Fireside Chat On New Akka Actors In Akka 2.6

Three Akka Experts (& A Non-Expert Host) Talk Akka 2.6

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In this special roundtable conversation about all things Akka, we sit down with notable Akka experts Helena Edelson, Johan Andrén, and Manuel Bernhardt, whom many of you probably know from Scala Days, Reactive Summit, and other meetups/conferences.

We discuss the recent release of Akka 2.6, which introduces the long-awaited Typed Actor API to overall toolkit, and now uniquely represents the state of the art in typesafe, actor-based, distributed, cloud native, Kubernetes supporting, easily scalable and self-healing JVM toolkits (phew!) We get into these topics and more:

  • Why are new Akka Actors (aka "Akka Typed") such a game changer?
  • What are some anti-patterns that went away with Akka 2.6?
  • How does it make learning Akka easier than ever?
  • What should people know about the power of using Akka Cluster?
  • What do you say when people object that Akka is different and harder than what they are used to?

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