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Lightbend Launches Reactive Architect Certification Program

Training program and certification process recognizes architects, developers, operators with the skills to build cloud-native systems that are responsive, resilient, elastic and message-driven

MONTREAL, Reactive Summit, Oct. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightbend today announced the launch of a certification program to recognize industry professionals who have mastered the fundamentals of Reactive architecture. The Reactive Architect Certification will make it easier for enterprises to locate Reactive experts for their application modernization efforts, including cloud-native, microservices, and streaming data initiatives. The announcement was made at Reactive Summit, where Reactive adopters like Capital One, Google, PayPal, and Facebook are speaking this week.

“There is an intense demand for Reactive experts, as enterprises in every major market around the world have embraced the principles of Reactive to build and deploy production systems that deliver industry-disruptive benefits for competitive business advantage,” said Mike Kelland, VP of Global Services at Lightbend. “As enterprises are in a mass modernization effort away from monolithic development and seeking experts with an understanding of Reactive principles, the Reactive Architect Certification process will help connect the individual with these skills with the organizations seeking them in their architecture planning and hiring processes.”

Lightbend Reactive Architecture Training - Reactive is the popular distributed computing movement that standardizes essential requirements of responsiveness, resilience and elasticity of cloud-native applications. As the pioneer of the movement and the author of the Reactive Manifesto, Lightbend has now released a certification program, based on six courses:

  1. Introduction to Reactive Principles
  2. Domain Driven Design
  3. Reactive Microservices
  4. Consistency and Availability
  5. Messaging and Coordination
  6. CQRS and Event Sourcing

The Lightbend Reactive Architecture course teaches teams - from development managers to architects to software developers - how to think about and leverage Reactive architectures from design through to production operations. The course presents a series of architectural exercises. Students work in groups to address problems and design solutions. The exercises are completed without the use of code. This allows the course to appeal to a broad audience.

In addition to instructor-led, on-site courses, Lightbend Reactive Architecture is available online for free, on IBM’s Cognitive Class. IBM’s Cognitive Class bundles the instructor-led course into a series of self-paced, mini-study programs.

Reactive Architect Certification - The new Reactive Architect Certification helps architects, developers, and operators set themselves apart when looking for a job or upgrading their current role. Independent of any vendor-specific technologies, the Reactive Architect Certification is the guaranteed way to demonstrate a solid understanding of the Reactive principles required for designing, building and operating cloud-native systems.

  • Exam length is 90 minutes and “closed-book”
  • Exams are online at, proctored by humans, and available in any timezone
  • Exam fee of $250 includes two (2) additional retries
  • Certifications are valid for three (3) years to ensure relevance

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