Videos & Webinars

On Demand | webinar Akka Serverless Open Beta: Stateful Services Made Simple
On Demand | webinar Akka Workshop: Build Cloud Native Microservices on Kubernetes and AWS
On Demand | webinar Machine Learning in Action: Applying ML to Real-Time Streams of Data
On Demand | webinar IoT ‘Megaservices’: High Throughput Microservices with Akka
On Demand | webinar Cloud Native Lessons Learned: Navigating the Application Development Landscape
On Demand | webinar Expert Panel Discussion - Developers vs. Executives on Overcoming Cloud Native Roadblocks
On Demand | webinar The Reactive Principles: Eight Tenets For Building Cloud Native Applications
On Demand | webinar Putting the 'I' in IoT - Building Digital Twins with Akka Microservices
On Demand | webinar Interactive Demo: Akka Cluster Nodes Under Attack, Visualized
On Demand | webinar Akka at Enterprise Scale: Performance Tuning Distributed Applications
On Demand | webinar Interactive Demo: Visualizing Akka Cluster Node Lifecycles
On Demand | webinar Digital Transformation with Kubernetes, Containers, and Microservices
On Demand | video Cloudstate - Serverless Beyond Stateless
On Demand | webinar Detecting Real-Time Financial Fraud with Cloudflow on Kubernetes
On Demand | webinar Cloudstate - Towards Stateful Serverless
On Demand | video Cloudflow Technical Introduction - Streaming Data On Kubernetes Made Simple
On Demand | video How to use CQRS in Akka 2.6 video
On Demand | video Managing Blocking in Akka video
On Demand | webinar Lessons From HPE: From Batch To Streaming For 20 Billion Sensors With Lightbend Platform
On Demand | video Event Sourcing with Akka 2.6 video
On Demand | video Introduction to Akka Cluster Sharding video
On Demand | webinar How to build streaming data pipelines with Akka Streams, Flink, and Spark using Cloudflow
On Demand | video Akka 2.6 Actor introduction video
On Demand | webinar Full Stack Reactive In Practice
On Demand | webinar Migrating From Java EE To Cloud-Native Reactive Systems
On Demand | webinar Running Kafka On Kubernetes With Strimzi For Real-Time Streaming Applications
On Demand | webinar Designing Events-First Microservices For A Cloud Native World
On Demand | webinar Scala Security: Eliminate 200+ Code-Level Threats With Fortify SCA For Scala
On Demand | webinar How To Build, Integrate, and Deploy Real-Time Streaming Pipelines On Kubernetes
On Demand | webinar Akka and Kubernetes: Reactive From Code To Cloud
On Demand | webinar How Akka Works: Visualize And Demo Akka With A Raspberry-Pi Cluster
On Demand | webinar Executive Briefing: What Is Fast Data And Why Is It Important?
On Demand | webinar Akka, Spark or Kafka? Selecting The Right Streaming Engine For the Job
On Demand | webinar Concept Drift: Monitoring Model Quality in Streaming ML Applications
On Demand | webinar Revitalizing Enterprise Integration with Reactive Streams
On Demand | webinar Streaming Microservices with Akka Streams and Kafka Streams
On Demand | webinar Microservices and Fast Data: Industry and Architecture Trends
On Demand | webinar Operationalizing Machine Learning - Serving ML Models
On Demand | video One Digital: Verizon Wireless Reactive Commerce Transformation Journey
On Demand | webinar Advanced Akka For Architects
On Demand | webinar A Tale of Two APIs: Using Spark Streaming In Production
On Demand | webinar Developing Secure Scala Applications With Fortify For Scala
On Demand | webinar Akka Revealed: A JVM Architect’s Journey From Resilient Actors To Scalable Clusters
On Demand | video Introducing "Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional” Remote/Onsite Training Course
On Demand | video I Love Scala for Machine Learning
On Demand | webinar What's The Role of Machine Learning In Fast Data and Streaming Applications?
On Demand | webinar Moving from Big Data to Fast Data? Here's How To Pick The Right Streaming Engine
On Demand | webinar Five Early Challenges Of Building Streaming & Fast Data Applications
On Demand | webinar How Credit Karma Makes Real-Time Decisions for 60 Million Users with Akka Streams and Apache Kafka
On Demand | video Replacing Cron & Building Scalable Data Pipelines At Airbnb
On Demand | webinar Developing Fast Data Architectures with Streaming Applications
On Demand | webinar Using the Actor Model with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in Reactive Systems
On Demand | webinar Exploring Reactive Integrations with Akka Streams, Alpakka and Kafka
On Demand | webinar The Basics Of Reactive System Design For Traditional Java Enterprises
On Demand | webinar Distributed Systems Done Right: Why Java Enterprises Are Embracing The Actor Model
On Demand | webinar Lessons Learned From PayPal: Implementing Back-Pressure With Akka Streams And Kafka
On Demand | webinar Fast Data: Selecting The Right Streaming Technologies For Data Sets That Never End
On Demand | webinar Overcoming Tough Architecture Challenges In Your Next Modernization Project
On Demand | webinar Lessons Learned From Verizon: Implementing Microservices
On Demand | webinar The Future of Services: Building Asynchronous, Resilient and Elastic Systems
On Demand | webinar Understanding Akka Streams, Back Pressure and Asynchronous Architectures
On Demand | webinar The Enterprise Architect’s Intro to Microservices - Part 3: Bending Reality with Microservices in Production Systems
On Demand | webinar The Enterprise Architect’s Intro to Microservices - Part 2: The 6 Traits of Reactive Microservices
On Demand | webinar The Enterprise Architect’s Intro to Microservices - Part 1: Microservices, Monoliths, SOA and How We Got Here
On Demand | webinar Akka for Java Devs: Bridging the Imagination Divide