Oliver White

Chief Storyteller
July 7, 2015

The Six Questions Architects Ask About Using Akka in Production

In a recent conversation on the Akka User Google Group, we came across a very salient conversation in which we found some very straight answers to questions that architects ask themselves when deciding to adopt a tool or not. The answers below are from Justin du Coeur, the creator of Querki. Querki is still in beta, and represents is a new way of organizing your personal information powered by Scala, Akka, Play and Scala.js. As a one-man show, Justin wears many hats, which makes him an ideal candidate for cutting to the root of matter with these six questions for architects. You can read more about Justin and the Querki project on the project’s development blog and his personal blog, which blends conversations about software, science-fiction, SCA and gaming.

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