Oliver White

Chief Storyteller
December 10, 2018

Hands On With Spark: Creating A Fast Data Pipeline With Structured Streaming And Spark Streaming

In this talk by Gerard Maas, O’Reilly author and Senior Software Engineer at Lightbend, we focus on choosing the right Fast Data stream processing features of Apache Spark, taking a practical, code-driven look at the two APIs available for this: the mature Spark Streaming and its younger sibling, Structured Streaming.

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Ashley Nuqui

ABM Field Marketing Manager
November 12, 2018

Where Fast Data & Microservices Converge: 75% of Developers Use Microservices For Real-time Streaming Apps

In a recent survey, 75% of over 2400 developers revealed that they are already using (or planning to use) microservices to enable real-time streaming use cases, showing that a key characteristic of Fast Data architectures is the use of microservices for streaming functionality...

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