June 26, 2018

Cinnamon 2.9 adds New Relic support

Lightbend is excited to release the latest version of the commercial Telemetry Module, Cinnamon, which adds support for direct reporting to New Relic, Akka Cluster Sharding metrics, updated Akka Cluster metrics and events, enhanced Play and Lagom configuration, Elasticsearch 6.x support, upgraded developer sandboxes and dashboards for Grafana 5.x, a developer API for custom events, and the ability to disable or rate limit events.

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Mark Brewer

President & CEO
April 24, 2018

In Support of Jakarta EE’s Quest to Accelerate Cloud Native Java

Every 10 years or so, the tech industry starts revving its engine for the “next big thing.” There’s the initial debate on technical definitions, a volatile period where first movers define best practices, and then a lot of noise from the vendors trying to sell shovels to the gold rush—and then eventually the dust settles and the new form factor becomes reality.

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February 27, 2018

Cinnamon 2.8 released, with Lagom Framework support

Lightbend is excited to release the latest version of Enterprise Suite’s telemetry module, Cinnamon, which includes support for Lagom 1.4+ metrics and tracing, Akka Persistence metrics and events, support for OpenTracing 0.31.0, better support for structured data in SLF4J event logging, and new Grafana dashboards.

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June 28, 2017

As Data-Centric Applications Go Streaming, IBM and Lightbend Team Up

By now you have likely heard the news that IBM has made a strategic investment in Lightbend to bring Reactive solutions to IBM Platforms. IBM and Lightbend have a history of collaboration, but this strategic investment and relationship will allow enterprise developers to reap the benefits of both Lightbend’s expertise in Reactive microservices and IBM’s expertise in AI and Machine Learning.

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